Coccinelle Nursery is privately owned offering quality care for pre-school aged children.

We seek to provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment for the children to learn as they play.

In partnership with the parents who enjoys a key role in the development, the lives of their children, in the nursery and at home.

Our key task is to enhance the children’s self-image by praising their efforts and achievements other than looking for their tiny mistakes to criticise them.

Each child receives personal attention and care from professionally trained staff who organise workshop in music, drama, movement and dance, computer and languages.

The aim is to establish a “take-off” strategy for developing the children to their full potential.

How the nursery can help your child

 Enable your child to socialise with other children
 Improve your child’s relationship with other adults
 Introduce your child to new toys and stimulating activities
 Help with your child’s learning development
 Making the steps to separation more gentle

How the nursery can help you as a Parent/Carer
 Help you meet other parents/carers
 Give you advice and help with parenting skills
 Help with parents/carer and child separation
 Being involved with the Day Nursery prevents you from feeling isolated.