Play is an intelligent way of helping children’s development and establish communication with them. It is so essential that it should not be undervalued.

We view play as interactive which helps prepare children for classroom learning.

The advantage of play include muscle movement and co-ordination, listening and language skills, perception and imagination, shaping and social behaviour. Play allows children the freedom to express themselves during activities such as those listed below:

Drawing/colouring Cooking Dressing Up Imaginative Play
Home Corner Cutting Sticking/Collage Stories
Painting Music/Songs Play Dough Clay Modelling
Puzzles Sand/Water Play Pre School Activities Construction

The nursery has its own toy library which opens daily. There are numerous toys to choose from suitable for children, all of which are of good quality and meet EC safety legislation.

There are a selection of toys suitable for children with special needs.

Outing Consent Form
Parents must sign an Outing Consent Form when the nursery proposes to take the children out.